Exercise – Work that Sexy Body!

Recently I started on a new journey to a healthier, happier life and part of that was incorporating exercise into my life. I have always disliked exercise and really, sweating in general, but I wanted to end the constant struggle with my weight and my looks by committing to a new lifestyle. So I got a gym membership and go atleast 5 days a week! Oh Lord! What have I gotten myself into???
So first things first if you are beginning this for the first time, assess your body and health. Do you have health problems? Do you have pain? What do you enjoy doing already? I have serious knee problems so I need something low impact but I really enjoy dancing so I joined a Zumba class.
Switch it up, one day do something like jogging, the next day lift weights, the next swim, take a rest day, then do cross training. That way your body won’t get used to the amount of exercise you are doing and get lazy. Remember to stay hydrated, stretch before each workout, and if you need encouragement involve your friends or join a class.
I started out at 182 lbs and now I’m done to 173 lbs after about 8 weeks. Not bad, its been a struggle definitely, but I’m trying and I don’t quit and progress will happen if you don’t quit. If you do quit, then you will definitely fail. Good luck honeybabes!