Fashion Report: Jeremy Scott A/W 2013

Jeremy… my love, my guide, my muse. I would do anything just to be able to hang out with you and visit your showroom instead of buying your knock offs on Chinese ebay. 
Jeremy Scott‘s last collection as part of New York Fashion Week had a theme that I’m sure was a secret love letter to moi. Prints and designs straight lifted from influences like COOP and Ratfink, it read like a 90’s Liquid Television acid orgasm (google it kids). Now neons and graphic designs are nothing new for Mr. Scott, but the punk, gross out, angsty knitwear was something I thought was a nice departure from his previous forays into Totem pole cultural appropriation chic. In all honesty, when I saw the collection it reminded me of Iron Fist‘s usual designs of cartoon, pop horror, including the occasional long hair neon fur coat but Scott’s collection seemed a little more sophisticated to me. 
Take a look at the collection and judge for yourself.

My Love! ❤ <3<3

Check out Jeremy’s amazeballs website