Fashion Report: KTZ A/W 2013

I’m convinced KTZ is part of the Illuminati. I know I shouldn’t talk about the illustrious organization for fear of my life, but KTZ has me concerned. Short for Kokon to Zai, this brand started by Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Berzovski in the 1990’s it has become popularized by many k-pop idols. And we all know how cult like they can be. 
Seen here on Our Beloved Holiness G-Dragon
Also on recent Illuminati inductee A$AP Rocky
KTZ had a showing of their Autuum/Winter collection during London Fashion Week and the looks are a-ma-zing. A combination of their usual black bespoken dark mass type wear (you know when you are doing a ritual sacrifice and you have nothing to wear) and edgy urban street wear. Mixing knits, leathers, and fringe in a way that looks less cowboy and more rock n roll, a route I’ve noticed few designers have thought of going. Blacks and whites were mixed in with golds, reds and a slightly tribal infusion of both, in geometric prints. Low brimmed hats were combined with pleated skirts, and with mixes of plays on volume with skin tight pants and oversized jackets. 
Take a look for yourself, before a certain secret society takes you away! 
Check out a video of their A/W 2013 collection at London Fashion Week!