Fashion Report: Olympia Le Tan

What do I think about when I think about, when I think about Olympia Le Tan?
A French autumn day, with the sun shining and a terrier at my feet, reading Hemingway day dreaming about getting a cafe mocha with a tall, dark stranger. The orange leaves blowing all around us and through my sweater, up underneath my silk blouse. Oh! Oui Oui!
The designer herself, a French dream! 

To say that her designs aren’t completely twee is a bold face under exaggeration. Old books turned into clutches with hand embroidered (!!!) covers, 60’s girl groups, and The Sound of Music are turned into literal inspirations celebrating the feminine and well-read.
Olympia is a self taught artist who learned embroidery from her grandmother. Born in London and raised in Paris, she worked for Chanel and then for Balmain, before starting her handbag line in 2009. Being a multi-faceted artist she teamed up with Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn and made a stop motion film inspired by her embroidery. 
A short film directed by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn, hand made with love 
by Olympia Le-Tan.

Embroidered canvas book-clutch, with brass structure and Liberty print lining.

Embroidered canvas book-clutch, with brass structure and Liberty print lining.
Embroidered canvas round clutch, leather structure and Liberty print lining.

Tilda Swinton loves Olympia Le Tan!
Quickly gaining a cult following from celebrities and fashion mavens the world over, she expanded into fashion with a Spring 2013 RTW collection. Inspired by 1960’s girl bands for her debut fashion collection she hired all black models and had a performance by, the ultimate ’60s girl singer, Ronnie Specter
For Fall 2013 RTW she was inspired by the musical film “The Sound of Music”.
In January 2012, Olympia Le-Tan was the guest designer at Pitti W in Florence. For the occasion she created a special collection inspired by Italian literature and cinema, which was presented at the Museo Bellini.