Do you remember the movie Jawbreaker? That classic 90’s bad girl movie starring my favorite mean girl Rose McGowan. Well the creator behind it has a new movie out called “G.B.F.” short for Gay Best Friend. Released at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival on April 19th, hopefully with a wide release or a wider release soon. 
The story is about a new boy who starts at a high school and the popular girls who vie for the chance to have their very own  latest accessory, a G.B.F. The story centers on the lives of two gays boys and their identity not as stereotypes of what gay people are supposed to be but, of the kind of men that they are developing into. 
Did I mention this movie has Evanna Lynch in it? No? Well it fucking does! 
Take a look at the behind the scenes and cross your fingers for it to come to a theater or art house near you!