How to be a Mysterious Girl

Recently on my tumblr dashboard LarvelHex posted a link from Wikihow that I feel is pertinent to my followers. Titled “How to be a Mysterious Girl” it is a guide to becoming just that, and we all need to start living our lives like this IMMEDIATELY.

Who is this woman? She is so mysterious she wears a v-neck like a scarf!

Some girls out there want to be mysterious and others not. But if you want to be mysterious, this article will tell you how. Make sure you know who you really are. If you don’t know who you are, this will be quite confusing. Figure out…
  • Don’t act desperate or pathetic in front of people. And if you see your enemy or something then don’t let her/him know that you hate them
  • Try using big words people need to look up after your conversation.
  • Don’t let too many people in on your game of being mysterious or you’ll seem like a poser.
  • When texting, don’t use text speak like LOL. Instead text “That’s funny.” It may be a pain, but it adds to the mystery, and people will take it more seriously.
  • Know why you want to be mysterious. Is this a game you are playing with yourself, or are you just playing it safe and finding a way to distance yourself from others?
  • The trick is to stand out by blending in. That means that you will be recognized as having that unique, mysterious personality by not being bold.
  • Learning an instrument makes you a more interesting person and will make people wonder what else you can do that they don’t know about. Preferably guitar or piano. Do not play any teen pop or that kind of music. Songs by Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Queen, Guns ‘n Roses and other artists alike are the way to go. Classical music can be used for piano as well.
  • Try quietly singing to yourself at appropriate times. Something sweet and light…flowy.
  • Never ever snub anyone. If someone talks to you when you planned to talk to another group, keep the conversation short and sweet.
  • Read poetry, whenever you’re alone and have some time.
  • Try to not be stereotyped as “mysterious”. As weird as that may sound, once you’re stereotyped that way, your “mystery” won’t be all that mysterious.
  • You may be classed as moody.
  • Being too mysterious could make people — especially your parents — think that you’re up to something not good. Keep it low, and don’t go overboard.
  • Some people may view you saw “weird”. Don’t take this offensively, take it as a compliment.
  • Being mysterious doesn’t mean you can’t have friends. You can have a bunch of friends and still be mysterious. It all depends on how you do it (as in: present yourself).
  • People could start thinking you don’t like them anymore and stop bothering you and ignore you and move on even