Art: Jaime Warren

What makes art? Is it skill? Being able to replicate something like a landscape or a person’s face so expertly that you believe it to be real? Is it making something so thought provoking that it challenges our beliefs on religion, sexuality, government and our own realities? Or is it anything that makes us stop, look, and pay attention. Reading an article in the June/July 2013 in Bust magazine I found the artist Jaime Warren. Her weird, grotesque and hilarious pop culture references are as ireverent as they are spot on. Using the meme “Totally Looks Like” she combines photos of herself dressed as celebrities and what they… totally look like, also herself. In her “Celebrities as Food & Food’lebrities” series she poses as different celebrities as, you got it, the food they look like. It can’t be described your just gonna have to look at it. Maybe you get it, maybe you don’t, maybe its art or maybe it’s just internet culture gone array but its worth a look, and a maybe a 2nd and 3rd. 
Self-portrait as Tanning booth Mom/Self-portrait as Necronomicon in Tanning Booth Mom Totally Looks like Necronomicon by MDFification

 Self-Portrait as New York/Self-portrait as Janice in New York Totally Looks Like Janice by BuckyKatt

 Self-portrait as Yes, this is Dog/Self-Portrait as Shelley Duvall in Yes, this is Dog Totally Looks Like Shelly Duvall by awsmith2006

Self-portrait as Female Gremlin/Self-portrait as rapper Lil’ Kim in Female Gremlin Totally Looks Like Lil Kim by iworejungleboots

Self-portrait as Lasagna Del Rey by thestrutny
 Self-portrait as Pretzel Rod Stewart by breadpeople

 Self-portrait as Eggs over Easy E by food’lebrities

 Self-portrait as Madonut by breadpeople

 Self-portrait as Stevie Dinner Wonder by food’lebrities

Self-portrait as JonBeignet Ramsey by skitterypigeon and breadpeople