Carnegie International 2013 schedule

“The Carnegie International is the oldest North American exhibition of contemporary art from around the globe. It was first organized at the behest of industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie on November 5, 1896 in Pittsburgh.” – Wikipedia 

October 5th – March 16th 

Well, you learn something new everyday. I moved here in 2010, missing the previous CI that took place two years before, so I had never heard of this before this year. This seems to be a great year for art in Pittsburgh with all these events going on at the same time. I’ve said it once, and I’ve said it before, Pittsburgh needs a renaissance. This area needs a new focus on the future, on arts, on the creative class and stear away from its industrial, sports obsessed past. But it won’t happen overnight, more of an out like a lamb, in like a lamb situation I think. Most of the events are free, excluding the Opening Weekend Gala on October 4th where the tickets are (you sitting down?) $425. FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. I’m going to let that sink in. 
The website is kind of a mess but let me explain it like this, the exhibit is open in the Carnegie Museum in Oakland until March 16th. There are events going on the opening weekend and also events happening outside of the museum in the Pittsburgh artistic community at large until December (I thought until the exhibit was running but it doesn’t look like it), they call this “An Engagement with the City of Pittsburgh”. Then there is the Playground Exhibit, but I don’t have kids so I don’t give a shit.

Friday October 4th 

Carnegie Internation Gala Premeire – 7pm
Cocktails, Private Viewing, Strolling Dinner 
Cost: $4…2…5 
who the FUCK is going to this?? 

Opening Evening with Sharon Needles and Total Freedom 
I don’t know what is the difference between this and the Gala Premier other than drag queens and live music and its not four hundred and twenty five fucking dollars. 
Its also sold out

Saturday October 5th

Opening Day – 11am
A day of programs featuring artists in the 2013 Carnegie International, including performances by Ei Arakawa/Henning Bohl, Rodney Graham, readings, and a puppet performance developed by Paulina Olowska together with Kristen Barca, Joann Kielar, and Tom Sarver.
Cost: Free with museum admission

Sunday, October 6th 

Community Celebration in Braddock with Transformazium 
Celebrate the 2013 Carnegie International in Braddock, PA, with projects at the Braddock Carnegie Library, activities, and food. Cosponsored by the Sprout Fund.
Cost: Free

There are other events on different days, check out their calendar for dates: