Forever 21 Bats & Cats Collection

Now regardless of your feelings about the clothing company Forever21, “Bats & Cats”, the latest collection from the fast fashion brand is kinda exciting.
Now lets do the math. Comic books = good. Cheap fashionable clothes = good. Comic + cheap fashionable clothes = good. Got it? Good!
I’m going to be honest. I am so poor right now. I’ve been out of a job for 5 months and I’m at the point that I have to ask my family for help, I’ve been looking for work and I’m starting to get desperate especially now that I see this awesome shit.

I love Batman, but more than anything, I love Catwoman. I love the way that she does her own thing and if that involves being morally ambiguous than so be it. She loves jewelry and being inappropriately sexual towards Batman. She is representative of a woman who exist in a societal structure that is set against her so she, in turn, makes her own rules. When I was 9, I had to write an essay about who I wanted to be and I wrote that I wanted to be Catwoman, I was given an F and told to write it again. True story.
Back to the clothes. This collection is predominately themed after Catwoman but with the recognizable bat symbols sprinkled in there, to be polite but we know it’s all about the Cat. 
My favorite pieces are:

Standout Bat Baseball Cap – $10.80USD

Batty Babe Faux Leather Backpack – $32.80

Spot-On Batman Snapback – $11.80

Batman Leggings – $15.80USD

Spotlight Nail Set – $7.80 USD

Glam Girl Batman Ring – $6.80 USD

Shredded Bat Sweater – $22.80 USD

Bold Cat-eye Sunglasses – $5.80 USD

Catty Cropped Sweater – $22.80 USD

Standout Meow Baseball Cap – $10.80 USD

Street Chic Faux Leather Baseball Cap – $9.80 USD
Round Wings Sunglasses – $5.80 USD 
That being said, I really just want everything in this line. No shame. I love it and resent the fact that I have no money. Hopefully this will be motivation for me to search even harder! Wish me luck!