My Favorite Apps

  • Thunderspace – everyone gets really stressed out sometime and when it happens to me, I find it gets really hard to stop my mind from churning and to let my mind quiet enough for sleep. Thunderspace is an app that helps you calm your mind with a selection of white noise like “Roof Garden” which is the sound of wind and rain on a canopy above you. The cool thing about this app is that is is stereophonic so when you listen to it with headphones it feels like the sound is all around you, it also uses your built-in camera flash to create strikes of lightening. FREE
  • Fandango – so I’m a movie buff and I usually catch a movie on the fly, spur of the moment when I’m out and I feel like seeing whatever is out. Here’s something about me, I’m so old that I remember when you could call up a phone number (ON AN ACTUAL PHONE) and a person would tell you the movie times. And oh we thought it was so convenient! But now I can be as anti-social as I want to be and still find out movie times. It finds what you’re looking for by movie title or by theater location, it shows what movies near you are playing soon, lets you buy tickets, and tells you when movies you are waiting for are playing in your area. FREE
  • Perfect 365 – okay, so lets be real for a second, we all want to look good right, especially in our selfies. Well in this app, you can get rid of practically anything that you don’t like about yourself. Yes I know, self acceptance, self love, confidence blah blah blah but come on, we all have something we’d like to change in photos. This app can adjust your skin, brighten your teeth, widen your eyes even add make-up. I use it in every photo I take and I give zero fucks because I look good in real life and even better in pictures. FREE
  • Starbucks – I love me some skinny peppermint mocha lattes with soy, an extra shot of espresso, and hold the foam. YAY! So Starbucks has an app that is worth downloading if you go there with any frequency. Alright so one of the benefits is that you can get rewards like free refills and free drinks, including one on free drink. Also you get the free songs and downloads right into your app. FREE 
  • Urbanspoon – finds restaurants near you dependent on what kind of food you are craving and how much money you have and how much money you have. Great for finding food in a neighborhood you don’t know or when you just HAVE to have Chinese at 10pm… not speaking from past experience.  FREE 
  • Instagram – I mean yeah duh. FREE
  • Monsters Ate My Condo – I have a thing for kaiju (Japanese Gigantic Monsters) like a REALLY have a thing for kaiju. I don’t know if I want to have a kaiju for a pet or a friend or transform myself into a gigantic raging rampaging radioactive unstoppable revenge machine. Anywho. If you need a game to take your mind off of superfluous things like work, taking care of your children or driving (please don’t take me seriously) dl this game. It works like Jenga, you have to swipe the coloured blocks to get 3 of the same colours in a row, you can only feed certain colours to kaiju with the same colours or they will get mad and also you have to swipe fast enough to not topple your condo. Its fun and I’ve been know to get a bit too into this game… $0.99
  • My Fitness Pal – In the past year or so, I’ve been very stagnant with my fitness and health and gained so much that I was at my highest in about 10 years. It was embarrassing, my favorite clothes didn’t fit, I felt ugly. So in my revamped attempt at a healthy lifestyle and slim dream body, I went back to logging my food and exercise everyday… for every meal. It really does help. I can see what I’m eating and its calories and nutrients and I think twice about eating something not so healthy because I don’t want to have to see that on my list. It’s a helpful and it has features like a pedometer that logs your calories you burned while walking around and a community of supportive, encouraging people. FREE 
  • Bloglovin– Obviously I love blogs, but I must have over a hundred blogs that I follow. It can be really overwhelming to visit each one, one after the other and read through old posts and new. With this app (and website) all of your favorite blogs are aggregated together and put together according to when they were published. This makes it easier for people on the go, when you want to read something on your morning commute, its all right there for you. FREE