History Chanel’s New Show ‘Project Blue Book’

When I was growing up the History Chanel was mostly aimed at dads with programming that centered on World War II and the military strategy. But somewhere in the early 2000’s that programming started to change. The shows became this strange combination of UFO’s, Bigfoot sightings, and survivalist choices. They seemed to be targeting not just elderly grampas and retirees but conspiracy theorists. In a Venn diagram I think you would see some cross over between people that watch the History Chanel and people that quote Alex Jones ironically.  Thankfully, I do not belong to that latter camp. I’m just your average harmless weirdo that wants to watch George Tsoukalas talk about crystals.

Check out this mega babe.

But recently I’ve noticed more channels that used to be focused on bringing you academic facts and scholarly accounts, just throwing that all aside to showcase white men jabbing on about how aliens helped the Incas build the pyramid (which is racist btw). Even more recently, The History Channel is going into scripted TV.

OK bitch. I see you.

This move is probably motivated in part for our love of wildly speculated conspiracy theories and our incessant need for DRAMA.  Finally the TV Gods have answered our prayers for a hybrid child of Ancient Aliens and How to Get Away with Murder!

I’m really looking forward to watching this show.  The life and story of J. Allen Hynek is one that is begging to be serialized in film format. His life as scientist hired to work for the government to investigate unexplained phenomena and then to become one of the world’s most prominent Ufologists is incredible. He was Fox Mulder, before Fox Mulder existed.

Will you be checking out Project Blue Book?