Venom, Subtext, and the Race for On-Screen LGBT+ Representation

Listen, I know I keep talking about Venom and sex (much to the consternation of all my friends who get really horrified by my questions such as “in your OTP, who wants to bang Venom and who shames them for that”) but the most we think about the film and sexuality, the more intriguing it becomes.

Website io9 has a fascinating breakdown of Venom‘s overt and subtextual sexual imagery, but there is something that sticks out to me the more I consider the film, and that is the movie’s lack of hang-ups when it comes to sexuality and queerness.

It may seem like a small detail, but there is no moment in the film where the ostensibly heterosexual Eddie Brock gives us a wink and a sly “but no homo” as he and Venom interact. At one point, he says Venom is “up [his] ass,” and by the end of the film they’ve slipped into casual banter where Venom says that Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Anne belongs with them. Not with just Eddie, with the both of them. It’s hard not to read that as being incredibly loaded with subtext.

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