7 Horror-Themed Cartoon Shows from the ’90s

There was a time when horror wasn’t just for adults. In the ’80s, movies given a PG rating and touted as family films would sometimes be terrifying. It shaped us growing up. By the time the end of the decade and the ’90s rolled around, this trend had made its way to Saturday morning-style cartoons made specifically for kids. These were among my favorites as a child. I was afraid of everything, but if it was a cartoon, I could enjoy the horror visuals without actually being too scared. Most of the time, anyway.

Below, in honor of it being Halloween month, the best month ever for horror dorks, I’ve compiled a list of seven of my favorite horror or horror-themed cartoons from my formative years, that, looking back, were actually pretty darn scary. This is by no means a definitive list, and I didn’t rank them. They’re just in alphabetical order. So, let’s begin!

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