A Female Writer Is Exactly What the Upcoming Rebecca Remake Needs

Last night, the Internet dreamt it went to Manderley again with the announcement that Ben Wheatley would be directing an adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s classic, Rebecca.

Featuring Lily James as the second Mrs. De Winter and Armie Hammer as her mysterious husband Maxim, the story centers on how James’s character falls for a charming, wealthy man, only to return to his palatial estate to be haunted by the memory of his first wife, the titular Rebecca. The novel was adapted by Alfred Hitchcock in 1940 and was his only film to receive Best Picture.

While I’m not always a fan of remaking the classics unless there’s a good thesis behind it, what excites me the most about the project is that the screenplay will be written by Jane Goldman. Goldman was the writer behind two films I absolutely adore—the romantic Stardust and also romantic X-Men: First Class—and I’m excited to see her bring her perspective to the gothic. More importantly, though, this film needs to be written by a woman.

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