Unknown Thursdays!


Every Thursday I’ll be posting another strange, mysterious, or frightening true story. The world is full of wonders, despite our desire to understand everything with science and technology, there are still things that are left unknown. Come with me and let’s explore them together.

Have you heard of Aquagenic Urticaria?

Can you imagine being burned alive every time a drop of water gets on your skin? That’s what life is like for Ivy Angerman a two year old from Minnesota. The child is only able to withstand being in a bath for 15 seconds before her entire body breaks out in hives. The cases of Aquagenic Urticaria are so rare that only 100 people have ever been reported with the condition, doctors and scientists are at a loss as to what causes it.

The many theories about the cause of the illness suggests that it might be what is inside of the water and not the water itself like chlorine or perhaps its the ions in the water itself.

Most people develop the sensitivity in the early puberty, like a UK woman who is unable to drink a single drop of water or get caught in the rain.

There is still no cure, nor treatment for this mystery illness.