2018 Horror Holiday Gift Guide!

So the holidays are upon us again and you’re stuck with the dilema of what to get your loved ones and relatives. But fear not! I have comprised a list of exciting items to get your favorite fan of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The price points are varied so that (depending on how much you love them) you can find something that suits your budget. If all else fails and you don’t want to get them anything, I will gladly accept all the things on this list!

  • Scream Slasher Long Sleeve T-Shirt- $32- Here

For a while now there have been a vocal amount of people deriding the trend of “poseurs” wearing Thrasher shirts without actually being real skaters, well put all the whiners to shame with your Slasher shirt. Your skills are killer, literally!

Box Lunch

  • Batman Returns – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP -$35 – Here

Batman Returns is one of my favorite movies. The style, the way it influenced the Batman mythos for years, and ofcourse CAtwoman. But what I also love about it is the Danny Elfman score, and if your don’t know who Danny Elfman is, then you need to hurry up and get educated. This also features my favorite single from the movie, Siouxsie and the Banshee’s Face to Face.

  • Alfred Hitchcock 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure – $185 – Here

Finding the Hitchcock cameo is a really fun game I like to play whenever I’m watching his movies. Trying to locate the iconic silhouette before anyone else does can also be a great drinking game. Well you won’t have to try hard to find him with this life-like replica of the master of suspense himself.


Tattoos are painful. They are expensive and they last forever. Who wants that kinda headache when you can get these sick tattoos just for the holidays? Put em on and scare grandma when you go back home for dinner.

Sourpuss Clothing

Being a single woman out in the world, I have to have everything I need on hand at all times. Wallet, keys, hatchet, makeup remover, ice pick, phone, plastic gloves, and tampons. It’s alot to keep hold of. But with this adorable bag you can keep everything you need, right on hand.

Sourpuss Clothing
  • Chucky Pendant – $189- Here

Han Cholo
  • SKULL WITH HORNS – $33.62 – Here
Vicious Noodles
  • May Godzilla Destroy This Home Last – PDF Cross Stitch Pattern – $4.99 – Here
  • Make The Files Great Again Dad Hat – $25 – HERE
Monsters Outside
  • Make America Native Again Hat – $20 – here

When you go back home and you have to sit with your racist uncle and your problematic aunt, get the conversation started with this hat. It’s made by a Native owned business and it’s sure to weed out who in your family you should never speak to again.

Bowen Creative
  • From the Frame of Whiteness: Witches & Pagans – here

Witchcarft and Wicca are having a huge resurgance in culture right now, mostly for the self-empowerment and feminist ideals that go along with it. But what also comes is a long histroy of cultural appropriation, whitewashing and racism. Whether it’s using the term “spirit animal” or the use of dream catchers when you’re not native, selling voodoo items when you are white, or putting your hair in dreadlocks to seem more “primitive/native” there are many problems in the esoteric community. Confront this issues and others with this zine by The Anchor and the Star, and check out their other works as well.

The Anchor and the Star
  • Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot – 2nd Edition – $111 – here

As stated above, the spiritual movement in the west can be very problematic, there are many issues with lack of representation and space in the sub culture. Well with this tarot deck by Dust II Onyx, you can evoke the great divine with images that look like the world around us. This beautiful deck is one that was made to be passed down and cherished for many years to come.

Dust II Onyx
  • Harry Potter Grim Dinner Set – $39.99 – here

Professor Trelawney was one of my favorite Harry Potter characters. She was a really tragic figure and every time people mocked her, I really empathized with her. Well now you can hold your own divination class right in your kitchen! You might be able to catch a sight of the portense of death itself- THE GRIM.

  • Freelance Bio-Exorcist-Mug – $11.95 – Here

We live in a gig economy which means that we often have to juggle many different kinds of jobs to pay the bills. What better way to let people know about your side hustle exorcising humans than this mug? From the amazing Tim Burton movie Beetlejuice, you can be the hostess with the mostess in your own house.

Little Shop of Gore