Sony is Totally Confirming Venom as a Rom-Com

When the Venom movie trailer first appeared and it showed a Tom Hardy covered in sticky, viscous, slime several feet taller than a human being with rows of sharp pointy teeth, my friends instantly tagged me:

“Is this your man?”

It is a known fact that I enjoy monsters, both from a critical literary standpoint and also from a disgusting, fangirl way. I love a big, gross boy. The culmination of that interest which has placed me firmly in the category of “monster fucker”, a label I wear proudly. When the movie came out I was first in line and was NOT disappointed. Venom and Eddie have a deeply intimate relationship that sails right past subtle and ends up somewhere on “common law marriage” island. It wasn’t just me though, there were plenty, of others, who agreed with me. 

But in a twist I never saw coming some genius at Sony (probably a gay insider operative – thank you comrade) decided to lean into the rom-com aspects of the movie and make a whole ass trailer about it. This is just further proof that 2018 is wild ass year.

Hopefully this just means that we can expect more gay in the Venom sequel. I’m looking forward to a scene Eddie bringing home a cat and Venom eating it, while Eddie makes some tater tots and more references to Venom being up Eddie’s ass. Please just give me this one mercy and let me see Venom get freak nasty on Eddie. I really need this right now.