Unknown Thursdays


Every Thursday I’ll be posting another strange, mysterious, or frightening true story. The world is full of wonders, despite our desire to understand everything with science and technology, there are still things that are left unknown. Come with me and let’s explore them together.

Would you believe a ghost solved their own murder? Many times from beyond the grave we try to get those who have passed to give us insight into the mysteries they died with. Where was grandpas lost fortune? What happened to a lost relative? Why am I the only red-head in the family? But think how easier our world would be if the dead could reach out to us and tell us who killed them.

In 1977 Teresita Basa, was found in her home stripped, stabbed and burned, her home was torn apart and robbed. There were no clues, no hint of who could have done such a horrible thing to Teresita, a hospital worker. She had no enemies, no one in her life capable of committing such a crime, well not entirely.

After months of searching for a perpetrator, police received a strange tip. Remy Chua reported that she knew who the murderer was because Teresita had possessed her body and told her about the crime. Chua knew that Allan Showery, a fellow hospital worker had shown up to Teresita’s home to fix her TV and then stole her jewelry after murdering her. When police searched Showery’s home they found jewelry that belongs to Basa in his possession. Chua said that Teresita came into her and “spoke through my lips” and gave her the name ‘Allen’. Remy is not entirely unrelated as she also worked at the same hospital as Basa and Showery, but according to her she entered her trance one hour after Basa was murdered.