Ranking the Sexiest Werewolves on Television

What is it about werewolves that makes them so damn seductive? Maybe it’s the tortured soul angle. Maybe it’s the sense that they’re one full moon (or not, depending on the lore) from ripping you apart — but like, in a spicy, fun way. Actually, you know what? It’s probably a combination of the uncontrollable animal appetite and all the rampant nudity. “Oh no, I transformed, completely out of nowhere on this, the night of the full moon, and now all my clothes are ripped and torn and I’m all exposed,” cries the wolf-person. “Yay!” cries the viewer.

In honor of the unabashed display of naked bodies turning into horrible monsters and then back into sexy (human) beasts again, here’s a list of the very sexiest werewolves of TV.

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