Oh Hey, It’s Our First Look At Zachary Quinto In NOS4A2

Zachary Quinto, is that you, bro? It is indeed the artist occasionally known as Nu Spock. Buried underneath all that old geezer makeup is Quinto in EW’s exclusive first look at AMC’s adaptation of the Joe Hill novel NOS4A2. In the series, which premieres sometime in 2019, Quinto plays the villainous Charlie Manx – a vampire-esque antagonist who basically sucks the souls out of children keep himself looking young and spry. Using his supernatural Rolls Royce Wraith (which has a vanity plate reading “NOS4A2” – like Nosferatu), he takes the kiddos to a hellscape known as “Christmasland,” where they become dead-eyed, murderous little shits that do his evil bidding. Enter Vic McQueen (played in the series by Ashleigh Cummings), a young woman whose wildly creative mind may hold the key to stopping Manx.

Based on Entertainment Weekly’s description of the plot, the series might diverge from the source material quite a bit:

Ashleigh Cummings plays the show’s heroine Vic McQueen, who is about to enter her senior year at a high school in Massachusetts. “She’s a working-class kid who has such a creative mind that it actually gives her a kind of superpower,” says showrunner Jami O’Brien. “Charlie Manx becomes aware of her and realizes that she may be bad news for him, so he has to figure out pretty quickly what to do about her.”

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