[Astrology] Weekly Horoscope: January 28 – February 3

We finally get a breath of fresh air now that the January eclipses are over! With a new moon next Monday, now is the time we can more clearly witness the beginnings of a new year. Spend this week preparing for whatever new moon manifestation rituals you want to perform next week without worrying about unexpected interference from eclipses.

We can invent our own life-hacks early this week, and they will be materially supported by grounding planetary aspects. We have a burst of mental clarity as cerebral Mercury meets with the sun in Aquarius on Monday at 9:52 PM. It is a creatively re-energizing time when we find brilliant applications for scatterbrained, mad scientist logic. Practical applications of novel ideas are further supported by a connection between Saturn, the planet of structure, and Neptune, the planet of fantasy, on Thursday at 9:21 AM—this instills discipline and forges the connections to legacy that are necessary to accomplish our wildest dreams.

Rifts between innovation and tradition will be aggravated this weekend as action planet Mars squares off with power planet Pluto at 10:15 PM on Friday—a breakthrough change will occur to implement more sustainable systems (or worst-case scenario, for greed to prevail). On a smaller scale, it represents a clash between new activities and old, likely inherited, habits.

Get out and see the world this weekend! Strange beauty is everywhere as aesthetic Venus harmonizes with rebellious Uranus on Saturday at 6:40 PM, exposing us to shocking new beauty trends and freaky individuals, which helps us to expand our world view. Further exploration is encouraged by the connection between messenger Mercury and philosophical Jupiter on Sunday afternoon at 4:55 PM. This weekend’s initial impulses to do something absurd are dialed back as Venus enters traditional, grounded Capricorn at 5:30 PM.

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