‘Suspira’ is the Zine Looking at Horror Through a Feminist Lens

Sexuality, sex, fear, desire, capitalism and Christian patriarchy: just a few themes the latest issue of Suspira Magazine touches on. First launched by London-based editor and creative editor Valentina Egoavil Medina in 2018, Suspira explores horror as a genre entirely through a female lens, with each issue exploring a different archetype of fear and fascination.

Their inaugural “The Monster” issue was dedicated to the darkness of the human psyche, while the latest – “The Fetish” issue – examines societal fears of female sexuality and the relationship between horror and sex. Or, as Valentina says: “It’s an invitation to discover the pleasure of your own desires, no matter how forbidden they may seem.”

It’s a pertinent time to examine this, Medina tells VICE, given that the horror genre can help us shed light on the issues that continue to haunt women – the rollback on women’s reproductive rights in the West in recent years, for example.

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