How The HOODWITCH Is Making Witchcraft More Inclusive

Have any conversation with a witch today about where they go for their magical inspiration and they’re more than likely going to namedrop The Hoodwitch. The site for “everyday magick for the modern mystic,” The Hoodwitch offers free meditations, rituals and horoscopes alongside a carefully curated selection of crystals, herbal smudges, books, and tarot cards for everyone from beginners to full-on occultists. Bri Luna, a seasoned Bruja, and the founder and Creative Director of the site started her online destination for all things mystical over five years ago and has since grown it into a company that operates both URL and IRL.


Raised in LA, Luna credits both her maternal and paternal grandmothers’ rich spiritual traditions – the former being from the south, and the latter from Mexico – for her interest in the occult, though she didn’t quite realise it at the time. “Watching my grandmothers in their personal spiritual practices definitely played into my subconscious,” Luna says. “They had so much knowledge and understanding of healing, always working with plants and making their own dressing, candles and anointing oils. As a kid growing up and as a young adult I thought they were superstitious and old fashioned. Now as an adult, I realise I really took their wisdom, not for granted… but you don’t realise you have this abundance of information right at your hands.” By the age of 10, Luna claimed the title of witch for herself, aptly casting a spell that didn’t work on a boy she had a crush on named Joey. Whilst she was in junior high, she spent her free time trying to get her hands on anything occult or esoteric, but it was never quite what she was looking for. “Throughout my own spiritual search, the books that were available to me were Eurocentric Pagan practices, Wicca, stuff like that, so there wasn’t a lot of material that was accessible that really touched on my cultural identification. I wasn’t looking to my own culture, to my grandmothers, who were right there.”