How ‘Sabrina’ Part 2 Flipped the Script on Hollywood’s Most Annoying Breakup Trope

It’s a simple Hollywood story, really. Boy meets girl. Boy has a secret. Boy reveals secret to girl. Boy breaks up with girl “to protect her.” Girl starts dating someone else (someone worse than boy—she’s not really that into it). Boy gets jealous and messes everything up. Boy gets back together with girl because they’re “endgame.”


Don’t believe me? In Twilight, Edward is drawn to Bella but knows he can’t have her because he’s a vampire. She swears up and down that doesn’t matter to her and that she can make her own decisions, but he brushes her feelings aside. When it’s apparent that Edward and Bella are through, she dabbles in a relationship with werewolf Jacob. Jacob is also a supernatural being but doesn’t let that get in the way…until Bella and Edward realize they can’t live (do the undead live?) without each other, get married, and have a creepy baby together.

What about every superhero movie ever? You know, the Clark Kent and Peter Parker of it all. They run their respective partners around in circles because they’re terrified of what their enemies would do if their secret identities were ever revealed. Hell, even Jughead Jones, the protagonist of another popular Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa television series, Riverdale, attempts a breakup with his endgame lover, Betty Cooper, upon taking up the mantle of Serpent King.

Perhaps the best thing about Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part two is how it flips the script on this frankly annoying Hollywood trope and then dismantles it completely.

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