The Horror Scholar Journal Volume 1

Horror Scholar Journal Vol. 1 is the brainchild of Celia Abate, a journalist who wanted a space for media academics to post their works. Not satisfied with the traditional, mainstream methods of getting her work to the masses and seeing other writers face rejection despite the quality of their work, she set out to make her own publication.


HSJ is a semi-academic work with the contributions of three writers Spinster Eskie, Dodie Miller-Gould, and Paula D. Ashe, focused in this issue on the television show American Horror Story.  The journal is downloadable for free and will continue with another topic and more writers.

It’s exciting to see academics be spread out to the masses. For a while now if you wanted to read an author’s work you had to pay in some way, even if that piece was just a dissertation or essay, it was hidden behind a very steep paywall. More and more critics and thinkers are just posting their own works directly to the internet and allowing people access for free. Knowledge, media literacy and cultural critiques shouldn’t be held to the few who can afford them, they should go to those who want them.

Please download your copy for FREE here.