New Look At Shredded Jared Leto As Morbius Revealed

Jared Leto is a vampire.
This is a fact. How else could he look the way he does at 47?!?! I imagine him in some swanky, smoke-filled, hotel just surrounded by models, half drained of their blood. He has that kind of vibe. He’s like a human venus flytrap, alluring but also reeks of danger.

I don’t particularly care for him, for all his good looks he seemingly has no personal charm and doesn’t seem like he’s well-liked by anyone around him. His film choices are also interesting, he takes on roles that seem to aggravate people more than they feed into any fanbase [ie: Dallas Buyers Club, Suicide Squad]. I don’t particularly understand his fan base (does he have one?) but I’ll probably be watching the Morbius movie, especially if he looks like THIS in the movie, I’ll be there.