I have many loves in my life, giant robots, slimey-toothy boys, and big kaijus. I have a thing for monstrous creatures who trail destruction everywhere they go.  I can recall being a kid and absolutely devouring every single Godzilla movie that I possibly could and that included the 1998 version of which I bought the CD for and played Puff Daddy’s iconic hit “Come With Me” on repeat ad nauseam (it’s still a fucking banger). 

With the current “Monster Universe” that’s being put together with Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Ghidora and eventually King Kong, it seems like the perfect time to explore the environmental retribution that is brought on by these monsters. Godzilla and her ilk are woken up by nuclear testing, and human-initiated conflict and rise to scorch the earth back to its primordial and simpler state. We humans are a plague, an infestation and the kaijus have no choice but to put us out of our own misery.

2018 was a year of seemingly endless conflicts brought on by incompetent rulers and unheeded dire warnings about the impending destruction of our environment from global warming, so it’s only appropriate that a new Godzilla movie should come out. If we won’t listen to thousands of scientists, reports, climate refugees, and our own eyes, then maybe we will listen to the sonic scream of a long-slumbering lizard Goddess whose breath can decimate millions.

See the just released trailer below the cut:

So the holidays are upon us again and you’re stuck with the dilema of what to get your loved ones and relatives. But fear not! I have comprised a list of exciting items to get your favorite fan of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The price points are varied so that (depending on how much you love them) you can find something that suits your budget. If all else fails and you don’t want to get them anything, I will gladly accept all the things on this list!