Rest in Pittsburgh Fashion Show 9/20

This past Friday, I went to a fashion show in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh. A non-descript kinda house, kinda warehouse, kinda tool shed that has been transformed into a performance space. A place so “under the radar” that when you google ‘The Shop Bloomfield’ nothing comes up. I had to find the newspaper article I heard about it in, search for the girl who is the founder of The Shop, facebook her, then facebook The Shop. In short, this place is the ultimate hipster hideout. Because having a fucking website is apparently “too mainstream” for anybody. Anywho. 
The show was called “Rest in Pittsburgh”, a pun on how Pittsburgh has been called the place where ‘fashion goes to die’, and one of the worst places in the country for fashion by GQ magazine. Pittsburgh is not known for its fashion, its style or even the attractiveness of its people and that may be very validated. But fashion is a form of art, a form of art that very few seem to want to tackle in this city. Most who label themselves “fashion designers” make some sort of reproduction of clothing that can be found in any mainstream store. Very few have tackled fashion with a disregard to comfort and accessibility and just make a creative statement with it, that’s why I was really appreciative of this show and its collaborators. 
I went, expecting something a little different, and that’s exactly what I got. A solo opening by resident drag queen Kitty Klottsalot, as a drunk, sloppy housewife, camping scouts playing a game of telephone, neon hobo fashion, a near fire mishap, teen designers turning themselves into art and people throwing candy at the audience’s head HARD
Overall I thought it was a brilliant show, it was odd, humorous but also creative and a unique perspective on fashion art. The artists involved were Clothes Minded’s – Josh Fedorski with Copeland Liddell and including Dark, Waters Metal Seth LeDonne, Virginia Solitaire Lizzee Solomon, Kitty Klottsalot,Gabe Felice,guinevere,Steph Neary,Autumn Zwibel,moon baby,Vibeka McGyver, &Morgan McCoy.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any clear shots of Kitty Klottsalot but I think the blurriness only adds to the overall feeling her piece was trying to evoke. 

There was this adorable little boy dancing in the after party I just had to get some shots of him 

Videos coming soon!